The Ethics Behind A Ceo Making 600 Times More Than An Average Worker

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The ethics behind a CEO making 300 times more than an average worker. "The problem in America today isn 't that some people are getting rich. We 'd probably all like to be rich. The problem is, most people are getting nowhere,” David Bonior (D-MI) has argued. Why is it that Chief Executive Officers of large companies are making upwards of 500 times more than their average worker? And why are some CEOs only making $1 per year in salary? This paper gives a forefront for different types of CEOs, including big box retail, technology, and mom-and-pop shops, and how their salaries affect those under them. Method The Facts Twenty years ago, Chief Executive Officers of companies only made approximately 35 times more than the average hourly worker; but in 2015, that pay gap has increased exponentially to over 300% more, depending on the company (Pizzigati, 2015). The United States has claimed her fame as the most “unequal rich” country on the planet, and with that comes a lot of disrespect from not only other countries, but the United States’ citizens, as well. Just how rich are the super rich compared to an average Joe on the field? Just as a recent example, Donald Trump just bought his way into the presidential campaign, stating that he has not taken one dollar of donation money. The accumulation of such wealth by such a small portion of the American society is carving the way for political campaigns, which henceforth carves the way for more distance from a pay gap

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