The Ethics Of Care, And Virtue Ethics

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I am currently a computer science major and plan on becoming a computer programmer. My love for technology including video games is unique along with my morals. Through the course we covered five moral philosophies which can fit into my life. There is not a perfect moral philosophy, which is why I will be taking bits and parts from the five different one to make one which fits my life style and morals. The five I will be dissecting are, Utilitarianism, Social Contract Theory, Kant, The Ethics of Care, and Virtue Ethics. Utilitarianism is a theory which I can agree with, mostly. I would like to do what makes the majority of people happy, however, it might not always be the correct decision. An example would be people at a workplace each decide to steal five dollars and not tell (no one gets caught), this would make everyone happy but is it really morally correct. It also depends on the outcome, if the consequences outweigh the happiness then the act is not ethical. There are also other factors which can come into play, one scenario about the train going down the tracks. You can save a bunch of people by switching the train to another track, but the person on the other track is someone you love. This one person means more to you than just one unit of happiness which does not follow the rule, everyone’s happiness is the same. Utilitarianism brings a great way to make ethical decisions, but it cannot be used in every situation which is why it only needs to be applied when

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