The Ethics Of Corporate Ethics Programs

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Corporate Ethics programs are a tactic to promote ethical awareness amongst all employees within an organization at all ranks from entry level employees up to the executives. They provide great educational tools, providing employee knowledge on how to resolve ethical issues in any ethical dilemma they may encounter in their day to day activities or long term projects. They also assist organizations with increasing their performance therefore improving prosperity and making profits. Ethics programs help avoid scandals, by ensuring the organization abide by the laws in place, know how to respond when faced with a questionable situation, and how to report unethical actions they discover. Organizations must have a formal ethic plan in place to …show more content…

 An ethics program can also support the organization in dealing with regulation and technology changes. Organizations without ethical programs in place it will support management competing globally and set a new standard for organizations.
The following elements are key to guarantee a strong ethics program and clearly state expectations for all individuals involved in the organizations doings no matter the ranking of the individual; employees, managers, or even members of the board of directors for the organization. All individuals being held to the same standard ensures no one can say they are being treated unfairly.
Risk Assessments
Every year the organization should complete a risk assessment to identify any high risk factors. Upon the completion of the risk assessment actions will be taken to alleviate any risks identified. A detailed report will then be provided to all members of the board of directors to ensure they are knowledgeable of what is happening.
Internal and External Communication
Communication must be clear and concise among all employees of the organization to prevent potential miscommunications and confusion. Managers should send personalized communication regularly. Senior managers should take initiative, if the need arises, to direct appropriate methods for employees to implement and follow.
Consistent Appraisal and Enforcement
The organization culture should be

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