The Ethics Of Informed Consent

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This paper is a representation of two separate healthcare professions; a paramedic (Roscoe) and a registered nurse’s (Gale) perspective of the ethics of informed consent. Informed consent is a familiar and ethically important component of healthcare, grounded by principles and values that provide and maintain professional standards. The following will discuss and analyse the similarities and differences between the two professionals from the AV resource. Present international and national frameworks that influence decision making as well as the individual impact that the Code of Ethics provides in moral dilemmas will be examined. Contrasts of legalities versus ethics will also be explored in regards to vulnerable patients. Furthermore the…show more content…
Decision making in the setting of healthcare is influenced by ethical, legal and professional frameworks that provide standards of conduct by appealing to ethical principles, moral rights and virtues (Tonti-Filippini, 2011). These principles give credibility to decision making in healthcare with International and National frameworks (Tonti-Filippini, 2011). Examples include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Code of Professional Conduct, the Australian Charter of Heath and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Murray, 2009).

Utilizing frameworks to gain informed consent, is the cornerstone to modern-day healthcare supported by the libertarian principle related to a patient’s freedom and rights (Davis & Fowler, 2010). In the AV resource, Gale (2014) discusses the four key areas to the framework of informed consent: voluntary, capacity, disclosure and understanding. Similarly, paramedics also use the same key areas to obtain a valid consent. However, within Queensland, the framework called VIRCA (Voluntary, Informed, Relevant, Capacity and Advice) is a pneumonic, used to facilitate a paramedic’s decision on the validly of a patient’s refusal of transport (QAS, 2011). The National frameworks of ethical competency is outlined by Paramedics Australasia, who provide guidelines for decision making to the national and international region of the Oceania (Paramedics Australasia, 2014). Although it is recognised that there is currently
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