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Informed Consent Paper

This Paper focuses on the relationship between informed consent and the requirements of human service workers in the State of Washington. Informed consent is a legal procedure to ensure that a patient, client, and research participants are aware of all the potential risks and costs involved in a treatment or procedure. The elements of informed consent include informing the client of the nature of the treatment, possible alternative treatments, and the potential risks and benefits of the treatment ("Psychology About.com", 2014).
. The most important goal of informed consent is that the patient has an opportunity to be an informed participant in her
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Four hours of training in HIV/ AIDS is required.
A prospective LASW must complete 3,200 hours of supervised practice. This must include at least 800 hours of direct client contact. During this time, the candidate must have 90 supervision hours. 50 supervision hours must be by an LASW or LICSW who has met DOH experience requirements; group or individual supervision is permitted. Up to 40 hours may be individual supervision with another qualified mental health professional.
A maximum of 40 supervision hours may be earned using distance means.
LICSW Requirements in Washington
According to "Social Work Licensure.org" (2004) a prospective LICSW must complete a CSWE-accredited graduate program. Later the LICSW candidate will seek associate licensing and complete 4,000 hours of supervised practice. This must include at least 1,000 hours of direct client contact. The direct supervision requirement is 130 hours. At least 70 hours must be under the auspices of a qualified LICSW. A list of approved supervisors can be found on the site of the Washington Society for Clinical Social Workers.
Up to 60 of the total supervision hours may be carried out at a distance. ("Social Work Licensure.org", 2004). In conclusion, the time requirements to become a social worker in Washington State range from six to seven years of education and between 3200 to 4000 hours of experience. After the educational part is completed the candidate has to complete

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