The Ethics Of Life : Before You Pray Essay

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“Six Ethics of Life: Before you pray – believe. Before you speak – listen. Before you spend – earn. Before you write – think. Before you quit – try. Before you die – live!!” Are ethics really this? Is this what we the Nation, We The People of The United States are going by now? Do we have to go by these six ethics of life? That is what people portray us to do, we are supposed to go by what quotes, books or a newspaper article. Everyone has a different way of doing things, like praying before a meal, or speaking before they listen. It depends on how people look at things. Some are the “thinkers before speaking” and some are not.
This is why the government declines ethics and morality, we the people are not supposed to have our own thoughts, we are only allowed to think how they, the government, want us to. Think about it, if everyone had his or her own way of thinking and we did not grow up into all the ethics that has gone on for generations would we be where we were today? They tell us that our world will come to an end, but why is that? It is because they can 't have control anymore, they cannot have our minds in a bubble. People are now thinking outside of the box, understanding how things work now, it has been the same thing over and over for years. New generations come into this world and here everyone is, makingit like it is the best thing to live here, maybe if you are rich, or if we know the “right” people. Other than that, these kids are going to fall

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