The Ethics Of Substance Abuse

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For years, I have desired to work within the addictions industry, as I am aware through my upbringing that substance abuse is a barrier that keeps a person from being who they truly are. But not only this, it stops them from feeling the pain of their life and the world. While attempting to protect themselves from the pain, it ultimately causes worse pain and detriment to their lives: being incarcerated and losing their freedom. What is worse, is never getting the help needed while incarcerated and then being released back into the community unchanged. Hoping to change this cycle, The John Howard Society developed and implemented with the Nanaimo Correctional Centre, a unique therapeutic community (TC) program called the Guthrie house in Nanaimo BC; it supports inmates with addictions who want to change their life (Nanaimo John Howard Society). The Guthrie program has assisted in developing skills needed for inmates to beat their addictions, learn the skills they are lacking and successfully reintegrate back into their community with ongoing support. There is further need for this program in all correctional institutions, as it is the first and only prison-based therapeutic community of its kind in Canada. (BC Ministry of Justice). Canada’s justice system is set up to teach inmates to re-offend; incarcerated inmates learn how to survive in prison, which only perpetuates the behavior that put them in jail, and then sent back to the community with even fewer life skills.
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