The Ethics Of The Enron Scandal

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The definition of ethics is living one 's life according to right or wrong behavior both towards others and themselves (Ghillyer, 2014). How a person derived to their beliefs of right or wrong is a direct reflection of several factors such as; family upbringing, and religious dynamics. Each of these characteristics plays a major role in the direct choices a person will make in their day to day lives. While some people can stand by their personal beliefs regardless of the situation, there are some who are heavily influenced by others. However, in the business world, the influence of power and money has cost people their livelihoods as well as compromised their self-dignity on many levels. One highly publicized scandal that many have known and read about is the Enron Scandal. The motive behind what a person will do remains endless as it is seen in this unfortunate tale of lies and greed in one corporation. The part that many question even to this day is when the story unfolded it was announced that several people in high positions were all aware of the unethical practices being done but, all decided to turn a blind eye. In the next few paragraphs, we will look at the events that led up to the fall of a company that was at the height of its growth and how all of that would change within minutes. Undoubtedly the Enron scandal will be one incident that will be spoken of amongst big corporations and financial institutes for a long time. Many have asked the question, who was
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