The Events That Happen After the Cold War Essay

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During the 1960’s there were many radical movements that changed society. One radical movement was the cold war. During this time, the Americans and Soviets were considered the two most dominant countries in the world. There was great tension worldwide due to the fact that if a war broke out it would mean the end of the world. The soviets and Americans had nuclear weapons powerful enough to destroy the whole world. This war instilled fear to all neighboring countries around them.
In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, leaving America as the only superpower. The Soviet Union was unsuccessful due to their inability to increase production. This marked a major turning point in history because afterwards, all neighboring countries decided to get
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The civil rights movement also inspired many other movements such as the antiwar movement and student movement. A third movement that changed the world was the student movement. The student movement was not limited to the United States. The movement occurred worldwide. The reason why this movement occurred was due to the lack of funds in colleges. Colleges were cramped and many students were forced to take exams together. There were also many rules and restrictions. For instance, a female student must request permission from the college to enter a male student’s dormitory. This lead to many protests from students all over the world. Especially in Paris, where the students and over 10 million workers went on strikes because they wanted better funds for schools. Many people were killed by officers due to the violent revolts for better universities. It is unclear whether or not the student movement succeeded in funding the schools. However, this revolt did inspire later revolts such as the black power sign during the 1968 Olympic Games and a revolt following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. There were revolts in over 50 cities and students fought police officers at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. A significant outcome today is that there are few to no revolts because there are many colleges now. Students in colleges also have more rights and can wander into any dormitory of their
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