The Evil of Armenian Genocide Essay

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In order for us to find the foundation of our human nature, we must look beyond into our early years where human nature is dug deep into the roots of our history and involvements. About 97 years ago the horrific Genocide of the Armenians took place. Turkey has shown a classic example of the evil that can result by human beings. Millions of Armenians were slaughtered and murdered in front of their family members. The destruction that constantly plays out throughout the world is cuased by human beings. Hsun Tzu would have also agreed that the young Turks were in face by nature extremely evil. April 24th is the day of grief for many Armenians. Almost every Armenian reminisces on their loved ones that they have lost during this …show more content…

They had no clue where their families were or even if they were alive. Children were separated from their parents during the march to the concentration camps in the desert. The authorities loaded the Armenians like animals on boats and sent them away. The massacre of the Armenian race went on for two long years. 1.5 million Armenians were brutalized and starved to death. Hsun Tzu is a Chinese philosopher whom believes human beings are by nature integrally evil, and the only way they will be able to be good is by their conscious activity. Humans learn from others and naturally follow without knowing if it is good or bad. After realizing how imperfect the nature of man is we understand as to why a man must become a student before he grows from his evil nature. It is true horror that mankind can conflict on society. Society has many rules and we humans always tend to follow them. The Turks followed their leaders which was the Young Turk Government in which led them to believe the Armenians were trying to take all of their land. This proves that Hsun Tzu is right about humans and society. Hsun Tzu said, “the progress of society would decay into barbarism, selfishness and violence.” This quote connects with the history of the Armenian Genocide and how evil the Turks were to the Armenians. Their leader told them to have the Armenians starve to death and they did. They thought what they were doing was totally right and for the best of their country. Hsun

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