The Evolution Of Human Life Essay

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Although life brings many difficult challenges and hardships, it is also a beautiful thing because it portrays the vast journey of humanity. In the Catholic Religion, it states that God is the creator of mankind. However, this ideology leaves a mystery as to why human life is immensely diverse. One of the noblest characteristics of life is that it creates unique and different organisms. The spectacular journey of humankind first originated hundreds of millions of years ago through the development of cells.
The most fundamental building blocks of all life are the cells. Cells arise from the joining of many different types of macromolecules found within our environment. Furthermore, every species within our ecosystem contains one or more cells. For example, the human body contains one hundred trillion cells each with its unique type of structure and organelles. Since every cell varies in size and shape, cells are capable of performing an array of different functions. Not only that, but cells can also operate specialized services required by the human body. Specialization of cells primarily depends on the exaggeration of properties common to cells. One of the cells most critical structures is the cell membrane. According to Swimme and Tucker, the cell membrane exhibits discernment because the membrane selects what is necessary and what isn’t necessary though the use of channel proteins and receptors. Furthermore, the cell membrane uses its outer layers to keep the cell
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