The Evolution Of Human Species Essay

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In recent years, anthropologists have made great progress in discovering all of the different kinds of human species. The discovery of a certain early human species, Australopithecus afarensis was initially credited to the finding of a single individual, AL 288-1, or “Lucy.” She has helped anthropologists to understand the diet, anatomy, environment, sexual dimorphism, the technology or tools used during their time, and bipedalism of this early hominin species. The evolution of humans is interesting due to the questions we are trying to find and the answers we might never find. With the finding of Australopithecus Afarensis and Lucy, we can understand what our early hominin ancestors were like and the significant changes that were made from them to us today.
Humans created a theory that millions of years ago humans walked the earth, but it was not until recently that theory became a fact. In 1974, a partial skeleton was uncovered in Hadar, Ethiopia, by American paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson. This skeleton was named ‘AL 288-1 and later given the nickname, ‘Lucy.’ She received the name Lucy from a popular song at the time of her discovery, ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’, by The Beatles. After a series of tests, the age of Lucy was soon determined to be an estimated 3.2 million-years-old (Dorey & Blaxland, 2015). Her sex was established by using one of the pelvic bones and sacrum that was discovered at the Hadar dig site. The weight and height of Lucy have been

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