The Evolution Of Nursing Profession

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The Evolution of Nursing The concept of specialty nursing evolve from the profession role of registered nurse as a result of changes in the healthcare demand for more knowledge focus and need for advance nursing education. Nursing profession has evolved thru out history to specialty focus area to meet this demand. Many of these specialties have resulted in, recognition, explanation and growth that had made and impact on the health care needs. For example many of these specialties has evolved with time to incorporate certification exam and graduate degree in nursing, even as of today many specialty are evolving into doctorial educated level such as DNP. Hemic discuss that as each specialty evolves it goes thru different stages that involve define it and forming organization and introducing evidence. Hemic discuss the stage of development as dynamic and at times may not mature exclusive, and some might show characteristic of more than one stage at the same time. For example there are 4 stage of development of specialty into advance practice nurse ( ). Due to healthcare need for specialty some specialty has shown to evolve differently from that of APN. Nursing informatics is a nursing specialty that has shown to evolve differently from that of an APN. There are several key difference has been found in the evolution of NI and APN. The future goals and vision in relation to trends and needs in healthcare has been shown to impact the evolution of NI. NI evolved as a result of

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