The Evolution Of Physical Anthropology Essay

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1) Define evolution
Evolution refers to change over time as species modifies and separate to produce several offspring species.
2) Define physical anthropology
Physical anthropology is concerned with the evolution of humans, their origin, diversity, as well as adaptations to environmental stresses.
Discuss some of the general ways physical anthropologists investigate evolution
Physical anthropologists investigate evolution through various ways in order to give a well understanding of human evolution and these are relative dating research, theoretical research, fossil research and environmental research. I will try to expound how each research method is relevant to anthropological study.
• Relative Dating
This method is used to determine the exact age of fossils, artifacts and the earth. This involves, examining several strata of the crust of the earth to show the time intervals of one layer of rock to another layer as well as use the layering principle to confirm the series of cultures.
Fluorine dating is a method is centered on the principle that the element fluorine from the soil is absorbed by fossil bones. The elements fluorine is buried in the soil and therefore the lengthier they are buried, the bones will have more fluorine. However, this method requires several samples taken from an immediate location.
• Theoretical Research
Evolutionary theory is an important part of physical anthropology as it helps the researchers to have a solid

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