The Evolution Of The Human Species

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The human species have been able to overcome many obstacles. The key to man’s success is based off its ability to adapt. These instincts helped them to survive the perilous ice age. Homo Sapiens learned how to change and adjust to severe climates. Man’s mobility and adaptability were the two features that kept the early man alive. Many people say, “The fact that these early hominids survived at all was a miracle”. Within these hospitable conditions, it was their ultimate survival weapon to preserve. Without this trait, man would have become completely extinct.
The development of communication was the most crucial element to transitioning into society. Humans were able to advance from gestures to language. This resource allowed people to interact more proficiently. Their capability to communicate lead to the development of new skills. Mankind started to learn how to farm, domestic animals and much more. It also gave way to new ideas of thinking, especially abstract. The evolution of man became centered around communication. It gave humans the necessary skill set needed to create settlements, culture and society. As a result, people started moving away from hunting and gathering and into civilization.
One of the developments that resulted from civilization was farming. People learned how to use resources within their surrounding. Mankind was able to start overseeing food production. Humans started to be enticed by agriculture and the many benefits. First it allowed mankind
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