The Evolving American Dream

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In the most basic of terms, the American Dream is having “a happy life” (Hart, C). Many people in the 1920’s had to start from nothing, building themselves up to great achievements (Muir). Today’s youngers generations interpret the American Dream as creating a career based on their individual passions. Although the American Dream has transformed over many years, key elements still remain. Being successful, creating a career, and having a beautiful family are all parts of the dream. One of the key parts of the American Dream is success. Looking good and making something of yourself. Carly Hart, a ten-year-old student at Celina Elementary School, currently identifies her success in life through her grades. She is a straight A student and knows education is very important. As an almost sixteen year old girl, I find my success not only through acquiring good grades also, but in other aspects of life such as my social manners, my achievements in band and my progress in art, and my advancements in driving (Walters). Hannah Stroth, age eighteen, holds a view similar to mine. She has the initiative to better herself through working hard at her job, studying, and practicing music that makes her feel successful. Hannah also finds success in the support and love of her friends and family. Casey Muir is a twenty-six year old, currently working as a veterinary receptionist, she classifies her success through her talents and skills, her newlywed life, and constant hard work. Retired

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