The Excellent Sheep By William Deresiewicz

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The first quote from Warner is “every aspect of American thought and action is powerfully influence by social class; to think realistically and act effectively, we [people] must know and understand our status system” (Levine 90). This shows that he relates to Marx as he agrees that both social class plays an important factor in society. The way people think about life and other groups is affected by class. Social class has also taught individuals how to act, how to dress and talk. Each classes have different expectations for their children, the rich expect them to go to college and be successful while lower classes do not always put so much emphases on education. The topic of education was heavily discussed when the class read The Excellent Sheep by William Deresiewicz, were he talked about how the elite education might not be all it is believed to be worth. Also in class, it was discussed how the upper class believe that all people in the lower classes are the same, and vice versa for the lower-class for the upper-classes. Through studying Warner, it is important to understand society and prestige because it is suppressing how much influence both factors have over society.
The Second quote from Warner is, “Its [The American Dream is] two fundamental themes and propositions, that all of us are equal and that each of us has right to the chance of reaching the top, are mutually contradictory, for if men are equal there can be no top level to aim for, no bottom one to get

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