The Existence Of Animals And Animal Abuse In Our Society

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Every year, nearly 1 million animals fall victim to abuse or cruelty. These cases are not only occurring in households, but zoos also. Animal abuse comes in two forms, neglectful and intentional. Neglectful animal abuse is when you give the animal minimal attention when caring for it. An example would be malnourishment, which is more prevalent in zoos, but can also be seen in households. On the other hand, there is intentional animal abuse. This comes in the form of physically mistreating animals. Instances of this usually occurs in households with domesticated animals, but can also occur in the wild. When we as a society look up from our daily life functions, we can see just how amazing animals can be. Animals are complex creatures that contribute to our ecosystem and capable of suffering. Not only does it cause animals to suffer, it cause our community to suffer as well. This act of immorality contains strong ties to the act of domestic abuse. The direct correlation of animal abuse and domestic abuse, animal abuse proves to be detrimental to our society.

The biological complexity and flexibility of animals have given them the gift of expanding and varying their species to heights we don’t even come close to understanding. Study co-author Boris Worm of Canada’s Dalhousie University asks the question “Are we within reach of finding all species, or are we way off?” he answers by saying “The answer is, we are way off.” The fact that 86 percent of earth’s species

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