The Existence Of Moral And Natural Evil

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Theodicy is an attempt to address the existence of moral and natural evil with the perception of an Omni-max god that encompasses three key properties; omnibenevolence all-good or all-loving, omnipotence all-powerful, and omniscience all-knowing. High theology accepts that God does exist in the universe as the greatest being of the Omnis, whereas low theology acknowledges the existence of God without one of the key properties of the Omni-max god. The various defenses that aim to solve the problem of evil that include the Soul-Making, Best of All Possible Worlds, and the Free Will defense are not compatible with the existence of a Omni-max God. All three of these defenses would have to surrender one or more of the key properties of an Omni-max god that is not consistent with high theology. Low theology accepts that God has limitations to his powers in the universe. In order to explain the existence of evil in the universe one or more of the Omni-properties; omnibenevolent, omnipotent, or omniscient has to be surrendered that pertain to the high theology belief system and the low theology should be acknowledged as the principal belief structure. I argue that low theology is an acceptable conviction for the existence of God, because it can solve the problem of evil by giving up one or more of the Omni-max God properties.
The Free Will defense states that God created a world in which humans could convey free will even though he knew that evil would be produced from the actions
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