The Existentialist Philosophy Of Kafka 's The Metamorphosis

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The existentialist philosophy of Kafka is presented in the metamorphosis is a picture of isolation and despair, something which prevailed in Kafka’s life. The diary of Kafka which was later found also showed Kafka’s intense imagination about his existence and extinction. It became apparent that at the heart of metamorphosis lies deep rooted feelings of Kafka himself. ( ).
The Metamorphosis a novel written by Franz Kafka is about a man, Gregor Samsa, who wakes up to find himself turned into a giant insect. The story progresses from there and takes many turns to show the various aspects of life. It shows us of the problems of existence and how something as meager as an insect can change the entire outlook of human …show more content…

All of them are linked to the philosophy of life through various parameters such as opportunity, identity, isolation, relationships and despair. The impact of economic depravity on human relationships is shown, by how Gregor feels guilty and enslaved to his family because he is the bread earner making his family view him not as a member but source of income. Thus, when after the metamorphosis, he is unable to earn he is treated with neglect and disgust. Furthermore once the family takes the responsibility of earning they find it harder to socialize and communication become brief. To sum up, this shows Kafka’s personal depiction of human relationships in light of economic affairs where value of a human being is correlated to his economic contribution even though it serves to primarily isolate him and deters in forming a healthy relation.
The duties of the family members tied with the theme of family keeps the interactions going between Gregor and the rest of the members. Gregor thinking revolves around the idea of supporting his parents and the need to send his sister to the Conservatory. He wants to be engaged beyond the simple matters of the family and play a bigger part by following the call of duty of the family. Furthermore, he does not like his job but he takes no excuse in his duties towards his family. On the other hand, his family only performs the necessary

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