The Exorcist Movie Analysis

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''The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!!! ...'' Father Merrin&Father Damien Karras from the movie -The Exorcist- This quote had been said like 10 times in quick succession in the movie ''The Exorcist'' and may have the right to be the most influental and memorable quote of the movie. Of course in order to underline the variety of ''exorcism'', the director of the film William Friedkin had to feature this quote out, which is actually a quote from Bible. But not only this one but also the other quotes -especially the obscene ones- have right to be the most memorable quotes from the best horror movie in 70s, ''The Exorcist''. But why do people think it's the best horror movie…show more content…
Regan has no father figure around her, mother behaves her like a friend. A spoiled girl, without no authority at home, moreover experiencing an adolescence period, where she is available to change any time, must be the best candidate for a demon or evil, whatever. There is a belief that demons love lonely and desperate people and they get in their lifes while they are unhappy or not enough happy. Also there is another believe that this evil things happens mostly to the people without no faith or religion. Regan MacNeil: Mother? What's wrong with me? Chris MacNeil: It's just like the doctor said. It's nerves, and that's all. You just take your pills and you'll be fine, really. Okay? Regan's mother was obviously an agnostic or maybe an atheist. When she noticed that Regan has some problems, she immediately took her daughter to a physchologist. These physchologists offered to get Regan checked by psychiatrists also because they thought her problems are more serious. And finally when pshyciatrists told Chris that they can't help her, they adviced to see a priest, which was a nonsense advice for an agnostic mother who doesn't believe in that kind of religious things. Could a priest save her daughter's life, could he change something? Desperate mother had to try this final solution whether she believes in God or not. And it worked actually. The demon inside Regan was pulled out by the help of exorcism, by the help of priests, by the help of
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