The Experience Of The Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs, Colorado; commonly referred to as Olympic City USA or the Springs, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Between the snow-covered mountains in June, the canyons, springs, rock ledges, waterfalls, and lakes; the scenery is breathtaking. The Royal Gorge can be labeled “a canyon with a river,” but it is much more than that; it is an engaging and massive formation that fell into all the right places. Driving up the winding road leading to the Royal Gorge Bridge, was a sight to see; the deer standing alert, prairie dogs lurking from their holes in the ground, mountains in the background, pine trees standing tall, and the grassy rock mixture holding it all in place. Windows down, fresh breeze coming…show more content…
“ALL ABOARD!” the conductor yells out over the intercom, as we are finding our seats on the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway. The kids and I were ready to see the top of Pike’s Peak. The train takes off slowly and begins to pick up speed as we make our way up the mountain. Our ears begin to pop the higher in elevation we reach, my son grasps my hand and squeezes as hard as he can, his hand is sweating and I can almost feel his heart beating through my hand. Mesmerized, we stare out the window at the tall cliffs, mountain ledges, rock formations shifted by nature, little waterfalls throughout the mountain, and then, there it was; the one thing we all wanted to see, “SNOW!” My son shouts out. About 10,000 ft. in elevation, still making our way to the top, the snow laid out over the mountain sides like a white cotton blanket. I have never seen something so beautiful in my 28 years. Pine trees with snow covered branches, dark brown rocks poking through the snow, if you look closely you can see animal tracks left behind in the snow. Finally, an hour and fifteen minutes later, we have reached our destination. 14, 115 ft. in elevation, we are at the top of Pike’s Peak. Garden of the Gods is a public park with permitted rock climbing and many different trails to take. The rocks are huge and look as if they were made from red clay. The rocks very in size, shape and color, many taking a square form. The trails lead through many
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