The Experience of Soldiers in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

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In “all quite on the western front,” Erich Maria Remarque tells the a story of six young German men who volunteer in World War I, at the age of eighteen. Remarque himself fought in World War I, but because of injuries sustained in battle he was forced to withdraw from the warzone. He spent rest of the war in the hospital where he had a realization about the nature of war The novel is told from the point of view on one young soldier named, Paul Baumer is an attentive soldier, discloses how life really was really on the war front. Through the character of Baumer, Remarque describes his fears, and experiences and what he went through as a soldier in the war. In the story, six young inexperienced friends are persuaded to fight for their country, by kantorek, their schoolteacher, who thinks that it’s an honorable thing to do. The story opens with Paul and his friends who are fighting to survive. Their training officer, Himmelstoss tortures them during training. They dislike the training. After, reaching the battlefront, they are attacked, and their friend kemerich is injured. Has his leg amputated, but never recovers from it and dies. As of these deaths, and calamities they have realized that war is worthless, and are fighting for nobody, only for them self. They are constantly fear for their lives. When Paul goes home, he feels lost and discomfort around others. Wishes that he had never come home. After, returning from home, one day where Paul is hiding to protect himself,

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