The Experiences Of Young Asian Men Within The Educational System

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The aim of this research is to look into the experiences of young Asian men within the educational system. When young people are going through the transition of leaving primary School to begin secondary it can be a very daunting experience, this is where young people leave friends behind and teachers that have played an important role in their lives to now go onto to build new relationships with friends and teachers. The objective of this is to explore the experience of two Asian young men who attend a main stream school and how the recognition of themselves can affect their achievement whilst at School.
This research was carried out at XXXXX XXXXX High School is in a deprived area Smethwick Sandwell.
As this setting is my current place of work, the School is a very multicultural environment with prominently Asian young people alongside Polish, Russian, Kurdish and a lot more diverse young people. The School ensure that students are given the best education possible. In 2013 Ofsted stated, “The good relationships between teachers and students ensure that there is an environment in which students can enjoy their lessons."
The School provide a number of facilities to enable that these young people get the most out of education such as English as and Additional Language (EAL) provision for young people where English is not their first language, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and this provision comes in different forms such as having Learning support within the classrooms,

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