The Extent to Which World War I Influenced the Dada Artistic Movement

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The Extent to which World War 1 Influenced the Dada artistic Movement A. Scope of Investigation The investigation will evaluate to what extent did World War 1 influence the artists of the Dada movement? The investigation will look at primary sources by artists themselves, as well as secondary sources that may evaluate the artists and comment on any influences to the creation of Dadaism and the motives of artists. To be able to determine the extent to which World War 1 influenced the artists of the Dada movement, multiple influences will be looked at and examined to gage the appropriate influence. Given the Dada movement primarily occurred in America and parts of Europe, no sources outside of these areas will be used. Personal accounts and…show more content…
Harries is a professor of Art and Architecture at Yale University. Originally born in Germany in the 1930’s Harries has a German background and his works are mainly focused on architecture and its corresponding art (“Karsten Harries”). The value of his book is that Harries is from Germany giving him a European perspective on art as well as an American since he lives in the United States. This book is limited the book covers a wide range of artistic movements since it focuses on Modern art, so it is not specifically designed to look at Dadaism as in depth as would be desired. Kirk Varnedoe’s A Fine Disregard:What Makes Modern Art Modern purpose is to explore the changes in society and life that helped to foster the modernist movement (“Kirk Varnedoe”). The innovation that was modern art is also examined in this book along with an effort to delve into understanding the complex meanings behind the movement (“Kirk Varnedoe”). The value of this work is that Varnedoe was not only a Stanford professor who taught the History of Art, but he, “served for thirteen years as Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art,” a prestigious museum for Modern Art in New York City (“Kirk Varnedoe”). This work is also limited like the previous work in that it is written to encompass and describe each Modern art movement and what, “Makes Modern Art Modern,” so it is not specifically focusing on Dadaism and it’s individual meaning and purpose. D.
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