The Eyes Of A New Critic

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In the previous reading of “The Mother”, a light was thrown down on the ideas of hardships and sadness regarding abortions. With using New Criticism as the first approach, the poem was able to come alive. It was about a mother who could not figure out how to explain the grief she felt weighing on her shoulders. Even though it was her choice to abort her children, it still left scars mentally, and psychically. Now, after exploring the poem in the eyes of a New Critic, my next approach will be from a Feminist standpoint. Through this new perspective, a different light can shine down, and create a further understanding of sex, gender, the role of the father, and more present in the poem. To illustrate Feminism, this approach is proving that there is more to look at than the idea of a dominant male perspective, and a masculinize Western society. This movement was developed to create a critical mass where women are just as important as men (Childs, Lecture Notes). Also, to show the hardships and the experiences that women faced growing up in past generations. Gender roles and the ideas of sex have changed drastically over the years. We now see in 2015 stay at home dads, women who have become the breadwinners for the household, and even women participating in politics. Yet, in 1945 when this poem was originally made, it does not show signs of any equality improvements. Aborting a pregnancy did not become legal in the United States until 1973. When the mother said: “in my

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