The Failing Fate Suffered in Rome, Nazi Germany, and the Fictional Ready Player One

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Hey..Hey buddy, You think that your society is perfect, without any flaws or worries? Well, that's what the Romans and what Nazi Germany thought, and where are they now? Gone. That's where they are. Even in the fiction book, Ready Player One, they thought they were so tough, but not anymore. These Societies may have been powerful and wealthy, but they all suffered the same fate. Corrupt leaders, turned the society upside down. Poverty, affected the moral of the civilization, bringing it down. Wars destroyed the society, making it weak to attacks. Even the most powerful and beautiful civilizations, fall due to Corrupt leaders, Poverty, and wars.

Political things in a society are important to the civilizations survival. But, sometimes it all goes wrong. Political Corruption is mainly associated with the fall of big societies, such as Nazi Germany and Rome. The leaders get to power hungry, they take away citizens rights and beliefs, they also surround themselves with the gold they collect from their people.
An example can be found in the book called, “Ready Player One”. Everyone in the society and or world, has a corrupt government. This would explain why they are tons of wars and countries destroy others by sending them the Atom-bomb. “The power hungry governments were too busy worrying about themselves to care about the people.” (Cline, Pg 15)

The Romans also had a fair share of corrupt wackos in their place. Though Rome seemed to be prosperous to visitors, only the people

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