The Failure Of The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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Treaty of Versailles

Many of the countries signed the treaty for different reasons, justice, revenge, etc. But not for the same reason, this ultimately allowed them to make unfair decisions that caused World War ll.
The Treaty of Versailles made WWII inevitable due to inflation, disarmament, faluire of leauge of nations.
Germany is going through a situation where the price increases are so out of control that the concept of inflation is meaningless to them. It is proven that hyperinflation has become the worst catastrophes that can affect an economy. As of Germany, they went into deep depression & poverty. The treaty of Versailles stated that Germany was held responsible for all damages done. They had to pay reparations specifically 33
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After WWI ended, countries such as Canada, France and Britain formed the League of Nations, an international organization intended to maintain world peace. The League of Nations was supposed to stop aggressor countries from attacking other countries. However, it failed to do so. It did nothing when Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931, and it also did not do anything when Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Because of the league’s failure to do anything during these two aggressions, Germany decided to test the organization itself—it remobilized the Rhineland, a territory in which it was not supposed to have any troops. In 1936, German soldiers were ordered by Hitler to march into the Rhineland with empty rifles, and to retreat if the French army attacked. Once again, France and the League of Nations did nothing when they were supposed to do something, and Hitler’s plan became successful. Had the French and the League of Nations told the Germans to retreat from the Rhineland, Hitler’s bluff would have been revealed and he may have been overthrown, preventing him from carrying out the rest of his plans and preventing the Second World War. Therefore, the failure of the League of Nations was an important cause of the Second World
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