The Fall Of The House Of Usher Summary

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In both “House Taken Over” and “The Fall of the House of Usher”, it is implied that supernatural or unexplainable forces are happening in the House. There are also a lot of similarities and differences between the two. One of the main focuses in each story is the house in which the protagonists live in. For example, in “The House of Usher”a boon companion of Roderick, the owner of the house comes to visit after not seeing his friend in years. Upon his arrival he is shocked to see the house. The House was in horrible condition and looked nothing like it did years ago. He looked into the lake next to it and tried to envision the old house, but he could not. Then we have the house from “House Taken Over” in which the protagonists of the story are brother and sister who inherited the house from their grandparents. Very similar to the “House of Usher” this house is also very run down and old. It feels like they aren’t the only people in the house as they keep moving from room to room locking the doors as they leave them. In this story though, we don’t know the condition of the protagonists. They could be ghosts, or maybe they’re alive. We…show more content…
In “House Taken Over”, we just know that the protagonists are brother and sister. There are also less characters in “House Taken Over” (2) as opposed to four in the “House of Usher”. We also know that Roderick Usher is not mentally sane and is basically on the verge of insanity after the “loss” of his sister. Feeling as she is still alive, he starts to hallucinate the house falling apart before his very eyes. In the “House Taken Over” we get an idea that the siblings are not in a sense normal human beings. There is no account of them interacting with any other people and it feels like they are some sort of ghost. This can also be supported by the fact they are constantly moving rooms and never enter the rooms
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