The Fall and Rise of the Roman Empire Essay

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How powerful the Roman Empire was! Rome the ultimate country of its time slowly declined and vanished from our world. After starting with a small settlement off the Tiber River in Italy Rome expanded its borders and claimed territory around the entire Mediterranean and more. Rome also lasted for over a thousand years elapsing over late B.C.E and early C.E. In spite of all that, Rome was far from perfect. This powerful state was brought to its collapse through challenges that would be cataclysmic to the governments of world powers today. Rome’s descent was mostly from the inside out. Internal issues of Rome such as political turmoil, social apathy, weakening military, and over taxation fueled this country’s decline. Social apathy was …show more content…

The poorly executed drafts caused the army to be short staffed and rely on mercenaries. Mercenaries are foreign soldiers; their loyalty is only to the money that the state pays them. Mercenaries left Rome vulnerable when the state could not pay them. In addition to this the early Roman Empire wore breastplates and helmets during battles and preformed ground drills to practice for combat (Document 2). Due to negligence both the armor and drill were removed and the late Roman Empire fought with very little protection; archers then picked off many soldiers leading to the loss of great Roman cities and still no one thought to restore the armor (Document 2). The military also had to deal with an outside threat the Huns. The Huns were a group of wild, nomadic people; they lived a life of savagery and were considered ungovernable (Document 5). These people had no sense of right and wrong; they slaughtered all those who lived around them (Document 5). If the late Roman military was a better-organized force the Huns may not have been such a threat towards the empire. A government must put time, effort, and care into its military, if it hopes to be successful. The government of Rome had an economic problem of over taxation as well. As a result of the weak army the empire needed extra money to maintain it; leading to strangling taxation on the citizens (Document 8). With over taxation polluting the economy tenants were forced to leave their farms, along with businessmen and

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