The Family Of The United States

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On today’s date a family consisting of a mother, her two daughters, and three children were sent in to Passport Control Secondary. The family was identified as the following: Mother, SANDOVAL, Sonia (DOB: 1966 COC: US) with USPP#432592657 Daughter, GARCIA, Jeanette (DOB: 1993 COC: US) Daughter, VALDEZ, Denisse Abigail (DOB: 1985 COC: US) with USPP# 445817691 Three children, VALDEZ, Melany (DOB: 2006 COC: US); GARCIA, Michelle (DOB: 2011 COC: US); CAMPOS, Jacob (DOB: 2012 COC: US). According to CBPO Niebes Marin, who was assigned to QCO duties all were referred to Passport Control for a status check on GARCIA, Jeanette as she claimed USC; however, she did not have her US Passport. CBPO Marin was processing another traveler when Ms. SANDOVAL approached the counter and showed and placed orange slip across the counter next to CBPO Marin and stated she was coming from church and needed to be checked and processed because she was in a hurry. Ms. SANDOVAL then proceeded to go to the bathroom. CBPO Marin advised SANDOVAL to please take a seat and would be processed upon completion of the person in front of her. At this time, I heard the conversation between CBPO Marin and Ms. VALDEZ. Ms. VALDEZ was using her cell phone to which CBPO Marin advised her to turn off her phone as she could not use it in Passport Control. Ms. VALDEZ then asked why and that she did not see a sign indicating that she could not use her phone. CBPO Marin informed Ms. VALDEZ that no cell phones

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