The Family 's Gesture Of Appreciation

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M.G was born on Sunday the 10th of October, 1952 in California. M.G reported that he learned of his birthday from his parents when he was about 4 years old. During his birth, his father was out of the country for business thus his uncle had offered to take care of his brother’s pregnant wife while he was away on business. Therefore, M.G was named after his uncle as the family’s gesture of appreciation for his kindness. The interviewee had a number of childhood memories, but claimed that his first and most vivid memory is when he got bullied by his fellow pre-schoolers. In fact, the experience caused him to lose his self-worth and negated his self-esteem.
M.G grew up in a three-bedroom house his parents had just bought the previous year in Belvedere estate. Their new house had two bathrooms with one being the master bathroom. His bedroom was spacious that he could comfortably play in it. He also had a nice bed and a huge teddy bear on it. He also grew up in a good neighborhood that had few incidents of violence or burglary. As such, his childhood best friend was from the neighborhood.
However, M.G lost his mother in the 1999 after she suffered from breast cancer, but his father is still alive. Although his mother was born and raised in Illinois, his father was born and raised in California. His father was born in 1952 while his mother was born 5 years later in 1957. The interviewee had a lot of good memories about his parents; one of which was how they would fight to…
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