The Family 's Gesture Of Appreciation

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M.G was born on Sunday the 10th of October, 1952 in California. M.G reported that he learned of his birthday from his parents when he was about 4 years old. During his birth, his father was out of the country for business thus his uncle had offered to take care of his brother’s pregnant wife while he was away on business. Therefore, M.G was named after his uncle as the family’s gesture of appreciation for his kindness. The interviewee had a number of childhood memories, but claimed that his first and most vivid memory is when he got bullied by his fellow pre-schoolers. In fact, the experience caused him to lose his self-worth and negated his self-esteem.
M.G grew up in a three-bedroom house his parents had just bought the previous year in …show more content…

As such, his parents love towards each other was without question since he believed their relationship was graced with love. However, interviewee’s mother was stricter than his father. For example, it was his mother who often disciplined him for wrongdoing. M.G recounted of one incident in which his mother disciplined him for fighting a fellow 5th grade student. He also credited his parents’ marriage. According to the interviewee, although his parents’ marriage was not entirely perfect, they loved and cared for each other immensely. This could be justified with the support and assistance that his father gave his mother after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995.
It emerged that MG’s father was the breadwinner of the family; the mother was a housewife. His father used to work as a finance manager with a financial institution in California. As such, on average, the families in the neighborhood were within the same income bracket; middle income earners. His family’s income was spent on different activities including education, Medicare, holiday, insurance, transport, clothing, food, electricity and other miscellaneous activities.
The interviewee had only one sister who was born on April 1981. His sister was talkative and playful while growing up. In most cases he would help his sister with homework and wake her up in the morning for school. Apparently, his grandparents had both passed on at his birth. As such, he could only tell their names, but not when

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