The Fast and Violent Fall of Societies

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Rome, Samurai in Japan, the civil rights era, and the society in the novel delirium fell fast and changed everything. A corrupt government, citizens in poverty, and lack of rights and freedoms all lead to the downfall of great societies.

Some great societies fall because of a corrupt government, and leaders. The government in the society of Delirium is ruthless and harsh. They have raids where they make sure everyone is valid. While checking everyone they are strict, harsh, and unforgiving.The regulators the raiders come inside the citizen’s house, tear their walls down, and look for signs of suspicious activity. All laws are suspended on raid nights. The government is heartless, and will eliminate everything their way without a second thought. They will kill animals that are barking too loudly, or kick a child looking at them the wrong way. The government invades anything social because they are afraid everyone will catch the deliria, love. When they invade, they let dogs loose, club people, and worst of all they enjoy it. The leaders of the samurai in Japan were harsh like the government in delirium was. Young samurai went for days without eating, marched barefoot in snow on long journeys, and held stiff postures for hours without complaining. In order The young man’s fencing master used to whack him with a wooden sword throughout the day whenever he least expected it.The leaders of both societies are harsh…
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