The Fate Of The South

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Alexis Sherwin
Professor Lane
American History 1
July 4, 2015
The Fate of the South
What made approximately 3 million men leave their homes and wage war across the country for four years- destroying crops, farms, and cities, taking the lives of 620,000 American Soldiers? A civil war as big as this could only be fought over something as important as a moral standard set by abolitionists pushing for the culmination of slavery. William Davis argues that slavery was the “single motive force that drove the flood towards war.” Although many claim that “state rights” was the reasoning behind the motivation of the south fighting the civil war, the underlying truth is revealed through the reliance southern states had on slavery at the time. The bloodiest war fought on American soil that tore our Nation apart was fought over the question of slavery differing in political, social, and economic reasons.
“Slavery gave the south a special way of life because it provided the basis for a regional social order in which the slave labor system could dominate all others.” (Genovese) The social setup of the south greatly increased social polarization therefore reflecting a high class of plantation owners and a low class of slaves. Since the early 17th century, slaves were imported from Africa through the triangular Atlantic trade and slavery was considered just a way of life. Their reasoning: white, male dominance. They believed that all slaves were just biologically inferior to their masters

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