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In 1998, I was born in Ivanovo, Russia, seven years after the country’s abandonment of communism. When I was eight months old, my parents, Larry and Rinalda Rocquin, adopted me, although, at the time they thought couldn’t have children, shortly before I was adopted, my mother got pregnant with my sister, Victoria, who was born almost twelve months after I was born.

As of the time, my parents were missionaries in the country, so even after my adoption, I still spent a few years living in Russia with my parents and younger sister. When I was almost three years old, my mother and father were doing a marriage counseling seminar they were asked by a fellow preacher if they wanted to pastor a church in St. James Parish. Although at first, they …show more content…

But I feel like I had a better quality of education in high school by being in the online school during high school. Overall, my elementary and high school education was independent and dependent on me pulling through and getting the work done, something that I feel greatly prepared me for college. If I had an assignment to get done, I had to do it. Which led to my junior and senior year of high school has little to no parental involvement due to the fact that I studied, completed assignments, and having to communicate with teachers without almost any help from my parents, which I liked.

I grew up in a pretty musical family. My father, although he wasn’t at a professional level of music, was relatively self-taught and heavily pushed for my sister and me to take up a musical instrument. For quite a few years as a child, I took piano lessons, although I vaguely remember most the core basics that I learned verbatim. At the age of eleven or twelve I picked up the guitar, I continued to teach myself the guitar until the age of fourteen. I jumped from guitar to bass until the age of sixteen where I began to take on music production. At first, I started using loops and basic DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) such as GarageBand. But as I got older, I started to master these programs and moved onto other, more complex programs. I’ve improved greatly and have spent countless hours working in these programs since the age of 16. And as

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