The Fear Of Glossophobia

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If speaking in front of a massive crowd terrifies you, you are not alone. Glossophobia or in layman's term, fear of public speaking is strikingly prevalent. In fact, 75% of the world's population has some degree of anxiety when it comes to speaking in public. Even prominent personalities such as Barbara Streisand and Prince Harry of Wales admitted upon suffering this phobia. McClafferty (2015) cited that the term "glossophobia" originated from the Greek word "glōssa" which translate to tongue, and "phobos" meaning fear or dread. The fear of public speaking according to Carelse, "is a very specific form of stage fright or speech anxiety". It is classified by psychologists simply as a social anxiety disorder, although glossophobics (people who…show more content…
There are other various forms of treatment and effective techniques you can learn that can be beneficial in helping you to effectively overcome glossophobia. Carelse noted that taking up or attending public speaking classes such as Toastmasters International or Association f Speakers Club will not only improve you public speaking skills but will also be able to alleviate your fears of speaking in front of others. According to THNKR (2012), Toastmasters International is a non-profit working in 116 countries to help its 280,000 members become better public speakers through peer workshops, communications-based assignments, and competitions. In addition to that, here are some helpful and effective tips in overcoming the fear of public speaking. Before giving a public speech or presentation, make sure to prepare and practice a head of time. Study your topic, learn as much as you can about it. Familiarize yourself to the structure of your presentation. You do not have to memorize your speech or presentation. You are much better off knowing the essence of what you want to say, but not necessarily every word of it. You may not be be an expert on a particular subject or topic, but as long as you share fresh, new, actionable or insightful with your audience, you are on the right tract. Always keep in mind…show more content…
Leadership, motivation, and change are constantly intertwined with public speaking. Moreover, public speaking also improve communication, which is the fundamental aspect or unit of society. Therefore, improving your public speaking skills will also improve you society's ability to communicate. It is certainly a fear that can and should be overcome (THNKR, 2012). Certain measures can and should be taken in order to not only effectively overcome and manage glossophobia but also create more confident and well-spoken individuals. "The fear only come from the eyes being fixed on you, the only fear that you have to fear is fear itself" (Vinson,

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