Essay about The Fear of the Noose in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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Witchery a disgusting, horrifying plague cast upon people, which spreads faster than wildfire. As one experience’s fear each day, it begins to enhance and branch out towards everyone around them. This is the issue in the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller establishes a period in the American history known as the Salem witch trials of 1692. It is a well built Puritan society in which the citizens are bonded with the church. During this time McCarthyism was in play, it was the anti-communist suspicions into the U.S. The theme in the story The Crucible was honesty and truth versus scapegoat. Arthur Miller used the noose to lead the reader to the theme of honesty vs. scapegoat. The noose represents the most prevalent symbol in …show more content…

If a person does not confess they will have to face the noose. The court can now hang they people accused unless they approve of siding with the Devil, which would mean lying. Not looking at the circumstances of the Puritan culture one will lie even if it is to save his/her life. The noose evokes death, fear, and hysteria between the Puritans. Arthur Miller used the noose to show the theme of The Crucible as honesty and truth versus scapegoat. “I’ll not hang with you! I love God, I love God! (Mary Warren 118). As Mary Warren states pointing at Proctor: You’re the Devil’s man! (Mary 118). This quote points out the fact of fear and death towards Mary Warren and Proctor. As Mary Warren realizes that she is going deeper into death’s grasp her only choice is to accept a lie and make John Proctor the scapegoat. Calling Proctor a Devil’s man is a distraction towards the court into neglecting Mary’s offense and focusing more on John Proctor’s. In Mary’s quote there still lays honesty and truth. Mary loves God and the church which cannot be denied. Mary’s statement prevents her from facing death, but another crime was in place on religious and cultural terms, lies. Even the word “hang” spoken from a man creates a scene of death within the culprit’s mind. Some may argue that the title, The Crucible, is a better symbol to bring out as the theme of honest and truth versus scapegoat. The Crucible represents a severe test or trail which brings out an

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