The Federalist And The Anti Federalist

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In America today there are many political parties which include the Democrats and the Republicans. The beginning of political parties started in 1787 with the federalist, then later on the anti-federalist in 1796. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the federalist party. Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the anti-federalist; who called themselves the Democratic-Republicans. Our first president, George Washington warned us about having parties and the danger of them. However, "not until Congress debated the ratification and implementation of Jay’s Treaty with Great Britain did two political parties clearly emerge"; the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist. Today the most influential parties are the Democrats and the Republicans. These parties win all of the presidential elections as of today. Political parties formed because the United States was beginning to grow and expand. Many people had different opinions and so political parties were formed. People were concerned about the how the new government was going to be organized. In 1787, the Federalist party, which was lead by Alexander Hamilton, was formed. Alexander Hamilton wrote the papers "The Federalist" and they were published in 1787 and 1788. The papers were about ratifying the constitution of the United States. This party was formed by people who had the same or similar beliefs as Alexander Hamilton. The federalists were "individuals who supported a strong national government, diplomatic ties with Great Britain,

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