The Female Characters Of Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Women have played small roles in society in the past. In social, economical, and political standings. Therefore in Shakespeare’s Hamlet the women in the play, their roles are not portrayed as important. The female characters in the play such as Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother and Ophelia Hamlet’s lover are complicated, and very much opposite of one another. Although these are two different characters Shakespeare portrays them in a negative matter in their small roles. Their acceptance in the world, and their grief is not allowed by the men in their life, or of the world. The women have no chance for redemption in the play, follow the demands, and decisions the men make for them. Gertrude in the play is Hamlet’s mother. Her character is in the middle of the conflict of all the family drama. Throughout the play she continues to keep the conflict between Hamlet and Claudius as if she is innocent to not really knowing of the issues going on.(University of California Santa Cruz 1).Of course the marriage arrangement upsets Hamlet, because it had happened so soon after the death of his father. Gertrude being a woman she might have married Claudius for a sense of security from a man, or guidance with owning the kingdom. However she also shows independence (Rogers 1) according to Rogers Gertrude rebels against her religion, and the authority of her newlywed husband Claudius. In the scene he tells Gertrude to not drink from the cup, and she proceeds to do so. As for her religion the

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