The Feminist Movement Has Had Three Major Waves Of The

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The feminist movement has had three major waves of the course of its existence. The first wave originated mid-19th century, when activists such as Lucretia Mott campaigned for the right for women to vote, the focal point for first wave feminism was based upon this legal right for women. This was followed up by second wave feminism, this was calling for the removal of the sexual barriers, for example for doing the same job women could get paid, half the price compared to that of a man. Kate Millet (BBC), stated ‘It is more about changing the recipe of the cake than getting an equal slice.’ However, the biggest challenge to Politics and International Relations comes about in the third and final wave of feminism. This is because it is the …show more content…

Although gender equality has come a long way in the past century, it still isn’t as equal as it should be. For example in the sporting world it was not until recently that prize money at Wimbledon was made the same for men and women, for years previous men used to win more prize money for playing the same amount of games and winning the same competition.
There has been and continues to be a stereotypical view in society that males are associated with certain norms and values in society, likewise so are females. However this is all socially constructed, there is no define ruling that because you are a male you must like cars, or if you are female you must like the colour pink. “Using gender means pointing instead to the ways in which the assumptions that prevail about women and men, and femininity and masculinity, shape the real lived conditions of specific people and institutions they create.”(Whitworth p120). Modern day society, especially in the western world, has shaped a clear barrier between femininity and masculinity from a very early age. For example in retail and marketing in toy shops, young boys have action men figures, footballs etc. marketed for them while young girls have dolls and princesses marketed towards them. Third wave feminism is critical towards the stereotypical view that is marketed towards kids, in the western world, it is like a domino effect, where because on generation played with a certain toy,

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