The Fenway Park And The RMS Titanic

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1912 was an influential year, when many notable events happened. The Girl Scouts of America was founded, Fenway Park opened, but one event is still influential over a hundred years later. No other shipwreck had such an enduring imprint upon the public consciousness that impacted many aspects of maritime law as well as the monetary impact this incident had upon families, companies, and the financial market. The luxury steamship RMS Titanic was the second of three Olympic-class ocean liners that were owned and operated by the White Star Line. The White Star Line company commissioned the building of the RMS Titanic to Harland and Wolff shipyard on the Queen’s Island in Belfast, Ireland. Harland and Wolff shipyard were commissioned to build the largest ship at the time. Measuring in at 269.1 meters the titanic was the largest ship built at the time, as well as it was the longest it was also the most expensive. $7,500,000 was the cost The White Star Line paid for the RMS Titanic to be constructed and completely furnished. HISTORY keeps an accurate account of all historical events, including the Titanic, which include much of the known History of the titanic. The RMS Titanic was equipped to carry a 3,547 people at full capacity, which would have included all passengers and crew aboard. With a high passenger capacity, the RMS Titanic was equipped to carry 64 lifeboats, each lifeboat was able to carry 65 people. Since the Titanic was made of steel the architects had believed the

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