The Field Of Pharmacy Is A Growing Problem

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The field of pharmacy is a growing, but at the same time stagnant. It is growing because it is changing as the healthcare system is changing. After the changes in the healthcare system, the field has included pharmaceutical care in its mission. As described in Communications Skills for Pharmacist book, “pharmaceutical care requires the pharmacist to take responsibility for preventing and solving drug- related problems and optimizing drug therapy” (p.1, CP). On the other hand it is stagnant because the mission is not being fulfilled. The traditional way of practicing, which is dispensing drugs only, still persists.
The pharmacy is being practiced in an unethical way as the patient is told to sign the paper, without being informed what rights the patient is losing. Presently, there is a need of pharmacists in the healthcare system, since they have the knowledge of drug interaction. But there might be a reduction in need because the healthcare wants something more than just dispensing medications. The need for pharmacist will only be understood, when the people know what to expect from pharmacists. If the patients understand that the pharmacist can provide them counseling, then they will approach the pharmacist. Some pharmacists want to fulfill the pharmaceutical care mission, but the authority puts restrictions and also the pharmacist is not compensated for the work. Consequently, as the authority is not willing to cooperate, the improvement in the role is difficult.

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