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Job Description: Pharmacists ensure that medications are used appropriately, and that they bring about the best results. Their responsibilities include professionally interpreting and reviewing the prescription orders written by doctors, dentists, and other authorized health care providers, and also for giving out the medications accurately to patients. The main goal of pharmaceutical care is to improve the quality of patients? lives by the use of medications that have been prescribed in order to accomplish specific results. Pharmacists are highly educated in the form, uses, and interactions of certain medicines and also in how those medicines affect normal body functions. They keep thorough patient medication records, which contain …show more content…

About two thirds of all students enrolled in pharmacy technician programs are also enrolled in Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) programs. This program usually takes four years to complete. Students will need at least two years in college before they can be accepted into a pharmacy program, but most students have three. The first two to three years of the program includes courses in anatomy, biology, chemistry, math, physics, and physiology. The next portion of the program must be taken at a pharmacy college, where the student will study natural drugs (pharmacognosy), synthetic drugs (medicinal chemistry), pharmacology, and pharmaceutics. They will also learn about the administrative, social, psychological, and professional characteristics of being a pharmacy technician.
In order to become a pharmacy technician, you must complete an internship under a licensed pharmacist and also pass a qualifying exam. Internships normally last one year, but shorter internships under the supervision of a school of pharmacy may also be recognized. The final exam (given by a board of pharmacy) takes three days to complete. It includes theoretical questions on pharmacy disciplines and also a practical exam. Four schools in Ontario that offer a pharmacy technician program are:
- Everest College of Business, Technology, and Health Care (locations in London, North York, and Ottawa)
- Herzing College (locations in Ottawa and Toronto)
- Medix School (locations in Brantford, Kitchener,

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