The Fight Of Anti Ship Missile Protection

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“Well, Phillip, just one hacker…,” said Leland, “just one guy from anywhere in the world, one guy probably sitting in his underwear in his parents’ basement, had the ability to take over these ships. A program—a computer virus—download or somehow slipped into a weapon system’s mainframe could hand over complete control of operations of that weapon to anyone with a laptop and a router. “Take for instance—And, this just so happens to be completely true. What I’m about to tell you actually happened.—But, take for instance, a Phalanx Gatling gun, which is typically anchored on many of these ships for anti-ship missile protection. Within a few key strokes after a computer virus having been successfully uploaded into the weapon’s computer …show more content…

This lack of food coupled with a poisoned environment ultimately lead to rapidly spreading diseases popping up globally along with mass starvation of epic proportions. “Between the wars and the planet slowly dying, a decline in the global population took place that the world had not seen since the bubonic plague almost a thousand years earlier. It was a mass extinction which grew to the point where it was on the verge of making mankind extinct. “With the loss of such a large chunk of the world population, militaries returned to slash and burn methods as they retreated, further damaging the environment. And, the loss of population also meant a loss of workers which had a devastating effect on industry and those manufactures that supplied the war machines. This resulted in rapidly failing of economies throughout the globe which then ultimately birthed the complete shutdown of governments, and politicians turning their backs on their own people as they went into hiding. “By 2029 the great wars were already looking like they were beginning their death throes. Armies no longer had the man power to keep fighting due to having taken heavy mass casualties throughout 2027 and 2028. And, by 2029, the dam which had held the planet together up to that point, M.A.D., (Mutually

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