Essay On The Black Death

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In the middle of the fourteenth century, European experienced a disease called Black Death, which killed millions of people in six years. By spreading quickly, this disease affected not only on people’s lives but also on economic of many countries, especially those countries in Europe. Therefore, people found out some cures to end this nightmare disease. Ole J. Benedictow. “The Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever”. Published in History Today Volume 55 Issue 3 March 2005 Ole Jorgen Benedictow, a Norwegian historian, is known for his work on plagues, especially the Black Death. After graduation in 1968, he was hired as a research fellow. He was also promoted to associate professor and worked as manager of the…show more content…
Imogen Corrigan. “The Black Death and its Aftermath” Report of the lecture given by Imogen Corrigan, March 24th ,2010 Imogen Corrigan, a medieval historian, has been served in the army for almost 20 years. She studies Anglo-Saxon and Mediaeval History and get a first-class degree for it. Now she is retired her army service but starting lecturing in the University. According to “The Black Death and its Aftermath”, the population of Britain was reduced by a quarter to one third in one and a half year. Later research has leaded to 60-63% mortality. In comparison to this disaster, there was only 2% of the population died during the Great War. The number of dead from the disease was as twenty times as of dead during war. The Economist (Website), Millennium issue: The Black Death, “Plague and Economics”, Dec 23rd, 1999 The Economist online offers authoritative insight on international news, politics, nosiness, finance, science and technology. It is a part of The Economist Group and responsible for The Economist on the Internet. They have offices in New York, London, San Francisco, and a worldwide staff. Some of its members are Walter Bagehot, James Wilson, or Rupert Pennant-Rea. During the Black Death, the food was not enough for people. With an increasing of dead, there was a shortage
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