The Film Ever After Directed By Andy Tenant

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The film Ever After, directed by Andy Tenant in 1998, is a renaissance era film depicting the “real” story of Cinderella. There are three notable characters with important leadership positions in the plot; these characters are King Francis, Prince Henry, and Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent. The king is displeased with his son and wants him to marry a princess from Spain for the alliance it will bring to the kingdom. Prince Henry is born into a leadership position as royalty but does not see the benefits of royalty and does not want to eventually be king. The Baroness plays the role of the “evil stepmother” and she abuses the power and leadership position that she holds. The positon of king put King Francis at the highest rank in a hierarchical power system. He is a leader because his rank demands that his subordinates obey him. The king is the leader of an entire kingdom this positon, according to the Basic Administrative Skills model by Katz, more conceptual skills rather than technical skills. This is because he needs to have a vision for the kingdom to strive for; this comes through in his arguments with his son. The king insists that Prince Henry marry a Spanish princess because of the benefits it will have for the kingdom as a whole. The king can see the big picture and how it will affect the entirety of his kingdom. While the king is in pursuit of his vision he leads his son in a task oriented way. King Francis saw the goal and demanded that his son obey his wishes to

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