The Fire Side Poets from the Romantic Period of Literature Appreciate Nature

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The Romantic period in American Literature dates from 1800-1860. It was a time where people were trying to find a distinctive voice. The Romantic period included letters, poems, essays, books, and art. Most of the authors focused on feelings, which is why it's called the “Romantic” period. The authors can be put into four different groups, The fire side poets, The Transcendentalist, American Gothic, and The Early Romantics. The fire side authors had an appreciation for nature. Poems were read aloud around camp fires by many different families. This is how they got the name Fire side poets. The most famous poet of the fire side poets was Henry Longfellow. Longfellow wrote the poem “Paul Revers Ride.” Longfellow’s famous poem showed how …show more content…

Heidegger experiment.” Edgar Allen Poe wrote “The pit and the pendulum.” Both of these stories made it out to seem that people are evil and unjust. Hawthorne s story really gave me the impression that people are selfish. Dr. Heidegger wanted to see if the water from the fountain of youth would really make people youthful again, so he gave four other people the water but had no idea what the water would actually do to these people. Dr. Heidegger himself said he did not want to be apart of his experiment. Edgar Allen Poe really stood out to me. The story of a man being thrown into a pit with nothing but himself and four walls was very unjust and evil. Overall the Gothic period was full of stories that shared the evil and unjustness of people. The Early Romantics were inspired by Americas beauty. The Early Romantics stressed individualism. They put a lot of value on the common person. Some of the more known authors of The Early Romantics were William Cullen Bryant and Washington Irving. Bryant wrote about his views on death and after life in the poem “ Thanatopsis.” It shared a lot of my same thoughts on death and after life and really shared a story filled with emotion and feeling. “The Devil and Tom Walker” was a writing by Washington Irving, who was the inventor of the short story. This story criticized people and their greed. His message in the story to me was that its not always worth selling your soul to the “devil” in exchange to get what you

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