The First Amendment And The Freedom Of Expression

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The first amendment gives U.S. individuals five fundamental rights (also known as the freedom of expression): Religion: Lets citizens participate and hold whatever religious beliefs they want. Speech: Consists of both verbal and nonverbal communication to express and be introduced to different perspectives. Press: Permits the obtainment and publication of information or opinions without government control or punishment. Assembly: Enables the meeting with a group of people to protest for various concerns such as economic, political, or religious causes. Petition: Allows citizens to take part in the process of independence and appeal. Amendment 2: Right to Bear Arms (Passed by Congress 9/25/1789 & ratified 12/15/1791) The second amendment …show more content…

However, the government officials are required to have a warrant. Under the fourth amendment, a search happens when the government violates a person’s privacy and a seizure occurs when the government takes charge of a person or an object in his or her possession. This amendment only limits searches, but does not restrict all of them. Amendment 5: Grand Jury, Double Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination, Due Process, and Eminent Domain/Takings (Passed by Congress 9/25/1789 & ratified 12/15/1791) The fifth amendment contains several methods of protection for defendants in criminal proceedings. First, it states that the victims don’t need to answer charges or accusations, unless there is a grand jury and evidence is presented by a prosecutor in court. If a person in the military is issued, they will need to go to courts-martial in the military justice system. To be fair, grand jurors are selected to listen to the evidence and act using their own knowledge. Another topic in the fifth amendment is double jeopardy. If a victim is punished multiple times for the same criminal act, as the fifth amendment states, the government cannot prosecute the person more than once because they have limited power. Self-incrimination is also a widely spoken topic because the person has the right to remain silent and cannot be forced to reveal. This amendment also contains the

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