The First Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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There are many elements of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to address. The area of the Freedom of Speech applies to every aspect of our daily lives. An examination of this area shows us why there are protected and unprotected areas of speech: speeches and actions that have been debated throughout our nation’s history and why they are important and have such an impact on our individual lives and social activities today.
The adoption of the First Amendment drafted by James Madison, which was ratified in 1791, guaranteed the right of the people to freely express their opinions without the interference of government entities. The first battle in the courts that helped develop the First Amendment was the 1trial of John
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In order to keep our government accountable to the people, the people need the information to form an educated opinion and the right to speak openly amongst each other. Some of the areas of expression are: public school student expression, free speech on public college campuses, internet blogs and social media, freedom of speech through the arts, public expression through the media: such as bumper stickers, fliers, leaflets, and yard signs, adult entertainment, and advertising. Other forms of speech are actions like, censoring books and content in public libraries and schools, flag burning, wearing armbands, and other symbolic gestures of protesting. The freedoms granted to us through the First Amendment have protected areas of expression, but there are also expressions and actions that are not protected by the First Amendment. These have been
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