The First Amendment : The Second Amendment

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The First Amendment The first amendment is one of the most used amendments today. Everyone in the world uses it and sometimes takes advantage of it and most times uses it when needed to. The Bill Of Rights was created on December 15th of 1779 and was created to make some rules in the future because no one had the freedom to do anything. Most were punished if they spoke their opinion, they did not even have the right to choose their own religion. But that all changed when James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights which is our first ten amendments. The First Amendment is and always will be the most used amendment today. One of the reasons is that people are always taking advantage of it. One way is that people try to use it as a joke most of the time and that is one way for someone to ruin it. Another reason is because of social media. An example is somebody goes on Facebook™ and posts something hateful and then they get in trouble for it and they use the excuse saying they believe that the First Amendment gives them freedom to say whatever they want to say. Then they get in trouble and then they will blame the first amendment because no one told them to write that they have the freedom to say what they want it is just are able to risk putting it online line to get in trouble. Another reason is they use it in everyday conflicts. Say if someone were to yell fire in a crowded place they would get in trouble because it could cause an injury, but they have to suffer the consequences

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